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Whitetail Hunting in Buffalo County

Typical Day, Seasons, Dates, License Info and Rates

Typical Day

Starts by waking up to that good old alarm clock annoying you like crazy and wondering why you have to get up so early. A quick scent free shower wakes you up and gets you motivated to get out to the deer stand, but first you can mow down a continental breakfast. Startled by the knock of the hunting guide on the door, you ready yourself for the deep woods of Buffalo County. The guide hands you your sack lunch for the day filled with Prime Rib and Lobster…Come on! You didn’t think that was going to really happen, did you? Actually, we provide some great sandwiches, snack, and drink.

The guide will take you to your stand or very close to it. Then you wait for that crunching of leaves coming to you, your heart starts pounding, your hands start trembling and find out it's only a squirrel finding its first nut of the day. Now that you're prepared and trying to calm down, you wait for that buck of a lifetime. If you don’t see or harvest one you would like to take, your guide picks you up at the end of your hunt. You then head back to a great meal provided by our head chef or we go out on the town for some great dining.


Archery Season

Our WI Archery season typically runs from the third weekend in September through the second weekend in November with the Rut starting around the end of October. Our Rifle season starts the weekend before Thanksgiving and normally is 9 days long. Our Muzzleloader season starts the day after Rifle season.


 Rutting Ridge Outfitter hunts don't start til October 20 and run thru two days before gun season. This lets the pressure on all the land to be kept very low.  All hunts are all days sits. We want you to be in your stand when that buck of a lifetime is chasing that doe right by you, and you are able to harvest that dream buck.

Rifle season

The first two days is stand hunting only and then we start making pushes for you the next three days.  Once the big bucks get pressured a little bit, they don't like to move as much.  So we do some pushes and try and send one in your direction.


Hunting license is over-the-counter.  You can purchase your license on the phone and on the internet: Wisconsin DNR. Check with the Wisconsin DNR for the latest season dates, fees and hunting rules.  You may have your license mailed to you or to us. We will hold license for you until you arrive. First time hunters to Wisconsin is only $79 vs $160...

 Whitetail Hunts

Our All-Inclusive" and “The Bone Collector Hunt” Whitetail Hunts were created for the sole purpose of providing the hunter with a high quality hunting experience. All of the Guides are hunters and know the habits and patterns of the deer and know what it takes to get you close enough for that shot of a lifetime.


NEW!!!!  “The Bone Collector Hunt”  

Hunt October/ November to you kill with direction of one our guides.  All stands placed and guide will advise you of your best stand for the day.  Wisconsin laws apply. Limited to 1 buck with bow and 1 with gun.  Lodging provided.  Meals provided when other hunters are in camp and camp cook is on duty. Call, email, or text for prices. This hunt is $3750 for archery only. Adding rifle or muzzleloader to this hunt is additional $1000 each.   HUNT ALMOST ALL SEASON AND CHEAPER THAN HAVING YOUR OWN LEASE in BUFFALO COUNTY!!


3 or 5 Days of hunting with either Muzzleloader, Rifle or Archery seasons.  Guides take you to your stand for that chance of lifetime.  Lodging and Meals provided. If you don’t harvest a whitetail come back or stay a couple extra days to continue your quest.  Call, email, or text for prices. 5 days are $2850 with lodging and meals.  3 days are $2500 with lodging and meals.


3 or 5 Days of hunting with either Muzzleloader, Rifle or Archery seasons. Hunt does not include meals and Lodging. Call, email, or text for prices. 5 days are $2200 without lodging and meals.  3 days are $1800 without lodging and meals.


Antler restrictions on all whitetails; 130" minimum on 8 pointers, and all other 140" minimum.  Bucks shot under the minimum would be subjected to a $750 penalty.


All Hunts require 50% Deposit....Balance paid 60 days prior....

Video Recording

Rutting Ridge Outfitters, LLC also offers video recording of your hunt. Let us video your hunt and to capture your Trophy Buck of a lifetime. See our Video page of samples of hunts we have done..


$200/Day for filming.....

Email or call us to book your hunt today 715-495-0534..ALL PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE..